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csmascent UK payroll software now is tightly linked with Simply Personnel HR application. Interfaced directly with csmascent UK payroll software, you can now add state of the art, cost effective Personnel HR management to your payroll system. The system is supplied and fully supported by CSM Ascent Ltd.

You face today countless challenges, both external and internal. Among the biggest is improving efficiency in an environment of ever-changing employment legislation while keeping costs to an absolute minimum. 

Implementing Simply Personnel alongside csmascent UK payroll software will make your personnel HR/Payroll processing more streamlined and efficient, providing you with an excellent return on investment. 

The system is built on a modular approach, with a pick and mix of modules being available. To the right is an overview of each module and how you will benefit from implementing the software. Whatever the size of your business, Simply Personnel is the HR package for you.