I need to print a Prior Period Payslip for an employee from period 1. The employee was a new starter in period 1 but his P45 details weren’t entered until period 2, when I print the Prior Period Payslip for period 1 his P45 figures are included in the YTD earnings for Taxable Pay and Tax Paid, how do I resolve this?

Make a note of the employees Previous Taxable Gross and Tax Paid figures under Employees\ Employee Maintenance\ Ytd \Prev.Emp, Taxable Gross and Tax Paid then zero these figures, select Apply and close the screen. The payslip figures displayed will now be correct. Once the payslip has been printed go back into the YTD screen and re-input the Previous Employment Taxable Gross and Tax Paid figures.

Important Note: You must remember to re-input the figures once the payslip has been printed.