UK Payroll Software Holiday Management

An optional module for csmascent UK Payroll software

Holiday management with different types of Employees generally having different holiday requirements can be a nightmare for you to administer. Staff will have a holiday entitlement, whilst shop floor workers will often have either an accrual method or an average pay method.

Ancillary spreadsheets aside from the Payroll system have to be updated both with holidays taken, and accrued or average pay. Pay for holidays taken then has to be looked up and entered into the payroll system to get the correct pay for holidays taken.

  • Eliminating those extra spreadsheets and documents saving you time and transposition or tying errors copying figures from one document to the payroll or vice-versa.
  • Automates the calculation of holidays allowed, taken and remaining freeing up your time to deal with more important tasks rather than mundane number crunching.
  • Quickly and easily see an employees holiday situation at the click of a mouse saving you time and effort when queries are raised.
  • Employees see their holiday position every week on their payslips, reducing the time you spend handling queries.
  • Configure the system to work as you want it to work, not as it wants you to, providing you with the information you need to present clearly and concisely.
  • Averages can be calculated (or recalculated) at any time during the holiday year. Simplifies the take-on or changes in method during the year saving you time and effort, all done at the click of a mouse.

UK payroll software holiday management module removes all the stress of handling and recording holidays. Working inside the main payroll system it removes the need to have extra documents with manual updating.

Averaging calculations are performed automatically.

See at a glance holidays due and holidays taken.

Holiday method is employee based.

Extensive reporting gives you detailed reports of holiday liability, holidays taken, holiday exception reports and more.

Extensively configurable, you can tune the system to fit your holiday schemes, be it qualifying period, and carry over holiday at the year-end. You can also configure the system to automatically take care of additional length of service holidays. Once set up the system takes care of everything for you.